The 1940s Look - Recreating the Fashions, Hairstyles and Make-up of World War Two The 1940s Look - Recreating the Fashions, Hairstyles and Make-up of World War Two
Interest in life on the Home Front during the Second World War means that the style of the 1940s has never been more popular. People are re-creating the look for plays and films, re-enactments, 1940's themed events, or just because they enjoy dressing in vintage fashions.

The 1940s Look tells you everything you need to know about the fashions of wartime and the impact that rationing, the Utility scheme, changing tastes and the demands of everyday life had on the styles people wore.

People had to 'Make Do and Mend' - with varying degrees of ingenuity and success. Hairstyles, glasses, jewellery, and tattoos were essential in creating your own fashion statement. Women's magazines advised readers on the difficulties of dressing growing children, offered instructions for making clothes and accessories, and hosted debate over whether by dressing up, women were helping or hindering the War Effort.

Thoroughly researched and lavishly illustrated, The 1940s Look tells you how civilian men, women and children dressed - and why they looked the way they did during the Second World War. It draws on contemporary sources including Government advice, periodicals and books, and has an entertaining commentary by Mike Brown.

Mike Brown is an authority on the home front during the Second World War, and is the author of several books, including 'A Child¹s War', 'Put that Light Out', and is co-author of 'The Ration Book Diet' and 'The Wartime House.'

280 x 229mm, 144 pages, Colour and b&w photographs and illustrations.
Sabrestorm Publishing
ISBN 0-9552723-1-9