The Very Best of ITMA 1939 - 1949 (2 CD SET) The Very Best of ITMA 1939 - 1949 (2 CD SET)
Disk One

1. Memories of ITMA 1941-48
2. Navy Edition (Jan 1944)
3. Army Edition (April 1944)

Total playing time 73'46" minutes

Disc Two

1. RAF Edition (Feb 1944)
2. 1943 Edition
3. Royal Command Performance (Dec 1947)

Total playing time 63'13" minutes.

Starring Tommy Handley and a stellar cast, ITMA (It's That Man Again) was by far the most popular BBC variety programme of the Second World War, and tapped into a very British delight in slang, puns, gags and catchphrases. This digitally remastered double CD set features no less than five of the best ITMAs broadcast between 1943 and 1947, as well as a selection of highlights from the entire ten-year run narrated by John Snagge. Every word revives a precious memory.

Featured characters include Mrs Mopp, Ali Oop, Funf the spy, Colonel Chinstrap, Sam Scram, Lefty the gangster, Signor So-So, Mona Lott, Poppy Poo Pah, The 'Ever So' Girls, The Diver, Miss Hotchkiss, The Commercial Traveller and Andrew Geekie.

Booklet includes detailed historical notes and full recording information.