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1940s Society Shop >  History >  Book Reviews >  Danger UXB

Danger UXB

The remarkable story of the disposal of unexploded bombs during the Second World War.

Danger UXB

I have always had an interest in bomb disposal. To spend several days digging a hole to reach a bomb, which could explode at any moment, seems a daunting task. To then get into the hole and try to defuze it with the most basic of equipment and little knowledge seems almost foolhardy. To do this every day throughout the war is bravery indeed.

This book tells the story of both the diggers and those that had the job of defuzing the various bombs that were dropped on Britain during WW2.

One of the things I always like in a book such as this is the addition of stories and quotes from people who were actually there and did the work. For me it adds another dimension to the book and far from being a 'dry' textbook brings it 'alive'.

Starting with a little background information about the pre-war preparations the book continues telling the story of the deadly game of cat-and-mouse played out between the German ordnance engineers and the British bomb disposal squads who had to outwit the latest enemy modifications and booby traps. It tells of the problems faced by the many different bombs dropped and of course the many fatalities due to our own mines as the war drew to a close. The first hand accounts add reality and even humour in places.

This is another book which once started, I couldn't put down. A fascinating area of Britain's Home Front.

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