Fleet Air Arm Fleet Air Arm
The admiralty account of Naval Air Operations

The War Facsimiles are exact reproductions of illustrated books that were published during World War 11. They were produced by the British government to inform people about the progress of the war and the home-defence operations. The War Facsimiles form part of the highly praised uncovered editions series. Both sets for books taken directly from the archive of The Stationary Office in London.

Fleet Air Arm: the Admiralty account of naval air operations, 1943

The Fleet Air Arm was established in 1939 as the Royal Navy's own flying branch, independent of the Royal Air Force. With its vast aircraft carriers bearing squadrons of fighter pilots, its main role was to protect a fleet or convoy from attack, or to escort an air striking force into battle. As the war progressed so its importance to the Navy grew, providing vital reconnaissance information and increasingly accurate and deadly firepower, in Fleet Air Arm, published by the Ministry of Information in 1943, the public could read for the first time of the expeditions of these great ships as they pursued and sank enemy warships such as the Bismarck. Illustrated throughout with striking photographs and maps, this book provides a wealth of detail about the lives of the men who served in this branch, recording their dedication and bravery.