East of Malta  West of Suez East of Malta West of Suez
The admiralty account of the naval war in the eastern Mediterranean: September 1939 to March 1941

The War Facsimiles are exact reproductions of illustrated books that were published during World War 11. They were produced by the British government to inform people about the progress of the war and the home-defence operations. The War Facsimiles form part of the highly praised uncovered editions series. Both sets for books taken directly from the archive of The Stationary Office in London.

East of Malta, West of Suez,

This is the story of the British Navy in action in the eastern Mediterranean from September 1939 to March 1941. During this time British supremacy was vigorously asserted at Tananto and Matapan. Although essentially a naval story, its significance in world strategy should not be overlooked. For it the British Navy had not maintained control of the eastern basin, the whole Middle Eastern position would have been at risk from the Axis Powers. This facsimile edition contains contemporary maps, air reconnaissance photographs of the fleets and photographs of them in action.