The War Facsimiles are exact reproductions of illustrated books that were published during World War ll. They were produced by the British Government to inform people about the progress of the war and the home-defence operations. The War Facsimiles form part of the highly praised uncovered editions series. Both sets of books are taken directly from the archive of The Stationery Office in London.

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN, August - October 1940

On 8 August 1940, the Germans launched the first of a series of mass air attacks on Britain in broad daylight. For almost three months, British and German aircraft were locked in fierce and prolonged combat in what has become known as the Battle of Britain. The German objective was simple: to obtain a quick and decisive end to the war by invading Britain. And to ensure success, the German Luftwaffe had to destroy Britain's coastal convoys and drive the Royal Air Force from the sky. But while the German plan was brilliantly conceived and organised, the Germans had fatally underestimated the strength of the resistance they were to encounter.

In 1941 the government published The Battle of Britain to explain the strategy and tactics behind the fighting that had taken place high in the sky over London and south-east England. Such was the public interest in this document, with its graphic maps and photographs, that sales had reached two million by the end of the war.