Military Misdemeanours by Terry Crowdy Military Misdemeanours by Terry Crowdy
Despite the general feeling that we are stuck with the most bumbling idiots in our government since the dawn of time (and it matters not what country you happen to live in), the truth is that slime always rises to the top and people have been screwing things up long before we were born. In this Osprey book called Military Misdemeanors, author Terry Crowdy picks some of what he calls 'Corruption, incompetence, lust, and downright stupidity' from the annals of history. This starts with the screw-up that caused the battle of Thermopalye, the homosexual acts of Julius Caesar, the trysts of Napoleon, the Opium War where the British did all they could to increase opium addiction amongst the Chinese while attacking them for allowing it. In more modern times there is the U-2 Scandal, the Iran-Contra affair, the sinking of the Kursk and many more. It is a book that for most of us will be a fascinating read. We are always drawn to the more sensational and lurid facets of life and when people who are supposed to be entrusted with our well-being do things that are contrary and stupid, we tend to remember these even more. Whenever I'm commenting to friends about how this and that is so wrong and only benefits the wealthy and powerful, it is a book like this that shows that this isn't by any means new. It has been happening for centuries and will probably continue for centuries more. Terry Crowdy has not only provided us with a look at the idiots of the past, but as there are sure to be naysayers, has also provided references for all this. A well researched book on the foibles of those in the past and a book that I know you will find interesting, shocking and at times appalling. I would hope that we could learn from these examples; but we won't. A book I can highly recommend to you.
Product Description
Bungled cover-ups, acts of blinding incompetence, miscarriages of justice, sexual escapades, and downright stupidity - scandals which have helped to make the world's armed forces the much loved institutions they are today. Take an irreverent look at the public outcries that both governments and soldiers would rather we forgot. From Julius Caesar's sex life and the frolics of Charles d'Eon, the fearless dragoon and noted transvestite to the sinking of the Kursk, Terry Crowdy delves into the darker reaches of military personality defects, vice and slip-ups. Packed with more than 70 mishaps, step back in time and see how corruption, bigotry, lust, vanity, incompetence and the occasional bout of insanity have coloured military history across the centuries.