The True Story of Lili Marlene (DVD) The True Story of Lili Marlene (DVD)
(Humphrey Jennings, 1944)
Marius Goring introduces the story of Lale Anderson's recording of "Lili Marleen" which became the unofficial anthem for foot soldiers on both sides during World War ll. Recorded before the war, German Forces Radio in occupied Yugoslavia chose it to sign-off each night on Radio Belgrade's transmissions to the Afrika Korps. Its popularity soared, but Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels detested Andersen and the song preferring a march. Lale's letters to Jewish friends were intercepted and when she tried to escape to Switzerland she was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. Only when the news was broadcast by the BBC was she released. Also adopted by the Eighth Army in North Africa, and given an English lyric, "Lili Marlene" became a million-seller for Anne Shelton while Vera Lynn sang it to the Allied troops on the BBC.

Before the Raid (Jiri Weis, 1943)
Returning to Norway on board a British Warship, Norwegian soldiers tell the British troops about the Nazi occupation of their small fishing village. Finally having had enough of their fish being stolen as their families starve, they dumped their catch rather than see the Germans take it. With Nazi soldiers on board when they next put to sea, the fishermen attack them, with deadly consequences. The film was made in Portmahomack.

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