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1940's Museum

Have a look at an assortment of interesting items collected from the 1940's.

Items from our collection which may be of interest to others. There isn't a great deal here at the moment but I do hope to add more, Click on the images to see a larger version.

Home Front

Baby Gas Mask Baby Gas Mask. This was produced by the British government to protect very young children in the event of a gas attack. How effective this would have been I don't know. This one is stamped 1939.
Land Army Book British Womens Land Army Arm Band and 1944 Book
ARP Gas Rattle British ARP Gas Rattle & Air Raid Warning Bell.
The Rattle is date stamped 1939
Dynamo Operated Torch


American Matches American Book of Matches.
The front of this book of matches give US serviceman pause for thought.
American Matches 2 American Book of Matches
The back of the book of matches relays the full message of other wartime dangers !
RAF Issued Watch RAF issued watch Owned by a member of the Halifax Crew pictured. (Chap in centre wearing hat).


Red Cross Poster
Victory of the Allies is Assured Poster (French)
Into Action 1 Poster
Dictator Downfall 1 Poster
Dictator Downfall 2 Poster
Back Them Up Poster
Into Action 2 Poster
Battle of Atlantic Poster
Back Them Up Poster 2
The Attack Begins in the Factory Poster
Victory of the Allies is Assured
Buy War Bonds Poster

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